About Us!

Growing up I knew I always wanted to be something different, and eventually I found my own path to be an entrepreneur. Here is where my story begins.

In 2019 I found out that I was pregnant with a precious baby girl. I knew that I wasn't much of a girly girl growing up, but I wanted all of the cute baby accessories for her. One day soon after our gender reveal party, I decided that I wanted to try to make her bows myself. I have always been a crafty girl, and when I have an idea - I have to run with it! I eventually started adding more and more fabric to my collection, and decided to start posting them on Facebook. I grew a fan base with all of the other girl moms in my area, and I expanded from there!

Months after my daughter Kendall Olivia was born I decided I wanted to do more with the shop. I started creating Vinyl T shirts, decals, bummies, bell bottoms, and so much more. I wanted to create a place for anyone to shop for their babies, and even headbands or shirts for moms!

Shortly after adding Vinyl T's to my shop, a few of my items had gone viral on social media. That quickly grew my clientele and expanded me to 45 states and 3 countries! Being from a small town in Kansas, I am still in awe of how far my products have gone.

After being in business for a year and a half, our local news station (KSN Channel 3) reached out to me to do an interview about my small shop. I was humbled, speechless, and very thankful for the opportunity. A few weeks after my interview with them, I decided to take the leap of doing this full time. Now, everyday I have the gift of being my own boss, and creating memorable and beautiful pieces for you and your families, all while supporting my family. I hope that when you shop with my small shop, you feel the love and time put into every single order. 

I hope to create something for you soon!