Bow Sizing

All Two Wild Daisies, our bows are hand tied and glued inside of the knot to seal the bow. The glue is not visible to the front of the bow. All bows are flapless and have up to 3" of extra stretch on most fabrics. For extra room, you can pull both sides of the wrap near the knot underneath the bow. This will adjust the circumference of the wrap and they will fit a little longer.

Baby headwraps are recommended for infants up to 8-10 months old. They are 15" circumference and have room to stretch. 
Toddler headwraps are recommended for toddlers over 10 months old. They are 17" in circumference and have room the stretch.
Kid headwraps only available upon request in the notes section. Recommended for 3yo and up
Mommy headwraps are 4" in width and 19" circumference for the perfect fit.
Headwraps - 5" in width
Nylon - One size fits all
Clips - 2" alligator clips with teeth
Big bows - 5" in width
Small bows - 4" in width
Piggy bows - 3" in width, two bows included with clips
Bowties - 3" x 4" with a clip
Washing instructions: Spot wash with a wash cloth and soap in the desired area, air dry.